Welcome to Bravissimo Tantric Massage

We have been providing top class tantric massage therapy for over four years across the Dubai area but unfortunately we have had to close our business now temporarily while we move into new premises and also get the website completely re-designed - which as many of our regular clients know well we have been threatening to do this for a long time! We are aiming to be back serving our regular clients in Dubai from April 2016

In the meantime for some of our business travelling clients who jet around the globe on business regularly we are happy to recommend another business in the UK where you can find some scintilating tantric massage. The agency is called Aphrodite Tantric Massage London and from the good reports that we have had from many of our regulars we are happy to pass this information on to others

Choosing Bravissimo for Tantric Therapy

When you choose Bravissimo you will enter into a sensual world of tantra which will truly sweep you off your feet. Learning about the different principles and then incorporating this into your daily life can be a life changing event for many people. At Bravissimo we want to be part of this journey where you can achieve spritual enlightenment. Learning more about your sexual side and learning to give and receive more pleasure with your partner is also a welcome bonus of this journey. But learning to be at peace with yourself and to acheve the deepest levels of calm can completely eradicate any stress from your life, which we believe is the key to a happy and healthy soul and general well being

Get in touch with us

Although we will not be re-opening our doors until April we still like to keep in touch with our regular clients. You can do this by emailing us on info @ bravissimotantramassage.com and we always do our best to retutn your email within 24 hours. We will be resending our monthly newsletter from next month and for those that want to be included in this please dont forget to add this at the bottom of your email so we can keep you completely up to date with all the new ladies that will be working with us and the new services that we will be offering